Seven Companies That Used Wireless Tech to Boost Their Hospitality Business

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When you offer strong, steady, and more reliable wireless communications to your hospitality clients, you help them raise their level of customer service, which in turn deepens your clients’ relationship with you. After all, leading hoteliers know the importance of wireless technologies: 46% of them have made enhancing digital experiences a top strategic tool for improving customer loyalty.

Give your hospitality clients solid examples of just how wireless technologies can help garner more business and elevate their company by sharing this collection of case studies with them. In doing so, you let your hospitality clients know that you understand the hospitality market and how your services can enable them to succeed in it.

Moreover, you understand that much of today’s hoteliers’ success now depends on the quality and reliability of its wireless tech:

       • 94% of business travelers consider Wi-Fi a must, according to a recent Forrester report.
       • 89% of guests decide where to lodge based on free reliable Wi-Fi, according to the 2018 Lodging Technology Study.
       • 80% or more of all travelers tote their smartphones, laptops, and tablets to hotels.

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