Three Secrets to Maximizing Coverage With FreeStyl Phone Systems

Freestyl 2: Maximizing Coverage
Both the FreeStyl 1 and FreeStyl 2 systems are long range, single-line cordless phones designed to allow staff to make and take calls as they move about a property. With long-range coverage of up to six (6) floors of in-building penetration and 100,000 sq. ft. in an open area, these systems are ideal for homeowners and staff of large estates, front desk staff at motels and IT professionals in offices. Because different environments place different coverage demands on a wireless system, we’d like to share several secrets to evoking the best coverage and performance from these two incredible systems.

Secret 1: Place the FreeStyl Base Clear of Obstacles

Each wall, floor, appliance or piece of furniture a Wi-Fi signal passes through weakens it slightly. So to retain maximum signal over the greatest area, it’s best to put the base unit in an area relatively clear of obstruction. For example, in a motel, it would be best to place the base as far as is feasible from elevators, vending machines, and firewalls, which will interfere most with the signal.

When implementing this secret, the FreeStyl 2 has an advantage out of the box, because its base unit does not have a keypad, so it can be mounted on a wall, high above most obstacles.

Secret 2: Use the Outdoor Antenna Kit

The base unit’s rubber antenna can be removed (it’s a reverse-thread connector, so it can be detached from the base by turning the antenna connector counter-clockwise) and replaced by an optional outdoor antenna kit (SN-UL-AK20L). This outdoor antenna kit comes with over 60 feet of LMR400 low-loss coaxial cable and an Omni-directional 6dBi outdoor antenna. Mount this antenna on the roof and get excellent coverage over large outdoor areas.

Secret 3: Use the Indoor Antenna Kit

For indoor deployments, try the optional indoor antenna kit (SN-UL-AK20L-IND). This kit also comes with over 60 feet of LMR400 low-loss coaxial cable and an Omni-directional dome antenna. Mount this antenna on the ceiling to maximize the coverage in large indoor areas.

Bonus Secrets 4: Split the Signal

In areas where an obstacle hampers coverage so that you cannot mount the base above it, consider whether splitting the signal would allow for coverage in different areas. The FreeStyl systems can use the SN-ULTRA-AS Antenna Splitter with multiple antennas to enable coverage in two separate areas.

Bonus Secret 5: Protect the System

When using an outdoor antenna with a FreeStyl system, protect the base unit with the antenna lightning protection kit (SN-ULTRA-LPK). This kit protects the system against static charge build-ups by sending the charge to ground.