EnGenius Technologies, Inc.

About Us
EnGenius Technologies is a communications technology company with over 20 years of history delivering class-leading and innovative voice and data solutions for businesses of all sizes. We focus on creating fast, reliable and secure, long-range and easy-to-use solutions to help empower mobility and increase productivity with award-winning hardware. Located in Costa Mesa, California, we are here to support our customers and partners get the best experience from our products and our teams.

Our mission is to make communication possible for everyone, everywhere, because when people can connect easily, great things happen. That’s why we design products that are simple to install, use, and manage so that people can focus on their business and take care of their customers. We believe that our customers deserve reliable and secure best-in class technology and service so that they can stay connected as they move forward.

We have over two decades of experience helping people connect with our pioneering high-powered wireless communication solutions. As a global leading manufacturer, we maintain high control and standards over our design and production of our entire portfolio, which includes network switches, security gateways, wireless access points, wireless bridges, and phone systems.

Cloud Solution
A full networking solution of secure gateways, switches, and access points used to easily deploy, manage, and monitor networking environments in real-time in the cloud that scales with your growing business. Created for Medium and Enterprise sized companies to manage and troubleshoot multiple sites, organizations and devices remotely while taking advantage of optimal performance, simple security, and robust analytics.

A portfolio of leading long-range cordless voice products designed for businesses to communicate efficiently with customers and staff throughout large and demanding environments. EnGenius voice devices deliver improved productivity, safety, security, and customer satisfaction by allowing for immediate and personal interaction that works behind legacy phone systems or SIP-based hosted providers.