AP MeshCam: A Unique Combination of Tech

EWS1025CAM Award Stock UI Photo
The AP MeshCam, EnGenius’ new hybrid access point/surveillance camera, may be a clever combination of technology, but where would you use it? You may be asking. Sure, everyone needs Wi-Fi these days, and most businesses and institutions can benefit from the security provided by surveillance cameras. But why do we need a hybrid? Why not install access points as usual, and then a separate freestanding surveillance system?

Well, ask Aristotle; because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The AP MeshCam combines two great things to make a greater whole. One simple installation for both a wireless access point, and IP camera and one single cable run for power and data. Smart-sensing mesh simplifies setup while enabling both seamless Wi-Fi and complete camera coverage with no additional cabling or configuration. Other benefits include:

  • Configuration Flexibility & Modes: Mesh Access Point, Access Point, Client Bridge, WDS AP, WDS Bridge & WDS Station
  • Operate Alone, Manage via an EnGenius Switch, or Remotely Manage via ezMaster™ Network Management Software
  • Monitor Video via the EnVMS™ App or Included 16-Channel VMS Software
  • Fast 11ac Speeds to 867 Mbps Support Smooth, Buffer-Free Connections
  • 120-Degree HD Lens & Night Visibility to 65 Feet
  • Mesh Technology Allows Connectivity in Hard-to-Reach Locations
  • Works With a Comprehensive Line of EnGenius Access Points
This unique combination of technology makes the AP MeshCam perfect for a broad range of applications, here are just a few.

Restaurants and Bars:

In a pub or restaurant, the bar area is often crowded and chaotic. Keeping track of surroundings can be challenging for an owner or manager. But with an AP MeshCam mounted over the bar, management can monitor cash register and tip jar access, bartenders that may be overpouring or distributing free drinks, disruptive patrons, and so on. The AP MeshCam adds an extra layer of security and accountability to the POS system that may already be in place.

Meanwhile, the AP MeshCam provides high-speed Wi-Fi for guests who are using their phones to peruse online menus, posting their location and photos to social media, or dropping location pins for friends, all of which drums up more business for the restaurant. The mesh feature creates a reliable Wi-Fi network with minimal cable runs and installation cost, allowing access point placement in difficult-to-reach locations.


Today’s schools are tech-savvy; they need seamless Wi-Fi connectivity for various e-learning initiatives, as well as online textbooks, newsletters, and calendars. Schools also need spot-on security to keep their students safe. Why not put security cameras to work providing Wi-Fi access?

With the AP MeshCam, staff can keep an eye on students using its 120-degree field of view from strategically placed units in hallways, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and other common areas, while simultaneously providing Wi-Fi for staff and students. Meshing allows seamless wireless connectivity between multiple APs in hallways—even around blind corners—keeping students engaged and safe.


Hotel guests want Wi-Fi in their rooms, but they also expect connectivity as they move through hallways, lobbies, and other common areas. They use Wi-Fi to check in to their flights, make dinner reservations, or schedule a pickup via a rideshare app. Or they may just want to browse their favorite sites or watch a video while sitting at the pool. Meanwhile, hotel security staff and managers need eyes on the entire property.

With the AP MeshCam providing guest Wi-Fi and video surveillance in one device, both guests and staff get what they need. Management can keep an eye on main areas, while guests access strong, reliable Wi-Fi.


Even in small retail stores, surveillance is a crucial tool to preventing theft. But small stores must work within limited budgets, ensuring that each expenditure will provide worthwhile returns. The AP MeshCam is a perfect two-in-one investment for such stores.

Owners and managers can employ the surveillance camera to watch the cash register and front door, noticing shoplifters and any other issues that may arise. Meanwhile, the access point provides Wi-Fi for operations and customers. Install two or more AP MeshCams, and the mesh feature comes into play, smoothly extending coverage and surveillance.

Whatever your industry, you will appreciate the convenience of combining constant surveillance and robust Wi-Fi in one compact, easy-to-install device. Combining two devices in one simple design magnifies their capabilities and simplifies installation, saving you time and money.

Why should you make the switch to 2-in-1 Wi-Fi/surveillance? Switch because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Simplify your network with the AP MeshCam today.

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* Diagram depicts placement of security & will work with other EnSky Series Access Points for more coverage