2U 1+1 850W CRPS Redundant Power Supply


Provides system design flexibility and complies with Intel CRPS specifications

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Airflow & Protection

Back to front

Short Circuit Protection
Latch Off

Over Current Protection
Latch Off

Over Voltage Protection
Latch Off

Environmental & Physical

Operation Temperature
0~ 50°C

Storage Temperature
-40~ 80°C

Operating Humidity
20%~ 90% RH non-condensing

Non-Operating Humidity
5%~ 95% RH non-condensing

Temp. Coefficient
±0.03%/°C (0~ 50°C)

Operating Altitude
16,404 ft (5000M)

Dielectric Withstand Voltage
3sec/ 1.5KVAC or 2545VDC with a trigger limit of 10mA

Surge Voltage
Line to Line : 1KV
Line-to-Ground: 2KV

Environmental & Physical

250Khrs min SR332 (25°C)

230mm x 76mm x 84mm (Lx Wx H)


AC Connector
IEC320 C14 type 3pin connector
Rated for operation at 10A/250Vac

DC Output Connector
Oupiin 9393-F4P50N11ACB30DA


Product Highlights
Redundant power supplies in servers consist of two or more physical power supplies. Each power supply can operate the server on its own. If one power supply goes down, another takes over. Furthermore, if a power supply goes down, it can be replaced without taking the device offline. Simply unplug the defective power supply, remove it, slide in a new one, and plug it back in.
  • PMBus™ Communication
  • Active Power Factor PF≧0.95
  • 0~50°C Working Temperature
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Under Voltage Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • MTBF > 250,000 hours at 25°C typical load
  • Surge: 2KV(L/N-PE) & 1KV(L-N)