DuraFon PRO Expansion Base

DuraFon PRO Expansion Base

DuraFon PRO-BU

Base Unit for DuraFon PRO Systems

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Physical Interface

PRO-BU Base Unit


Line x4
Audio-In x 1 (3.5 mm)
DC x 1

LED Indicators
Electrical Specifications

PRO-BU Base Unit


RF Power
Peak: 708mW; Average: 304mW

Channel Spacing
200 kHz

Number of Channels


Multiple Access
Frequency Hopping TDMA

Frequency Hopping Rate
100 per second

TDMA Frame Length
10 ms

Number of Talk Paths

Receiver Sensitivity
< -108 dBm (@ BER 10-2)

Antenna Connector
Reverse TNC

Antenna Gain
2 dBi (included)
5 dBi External (optional)

TX Power Control Range

Telephone Interface
RJ11 x 4

VoIP Interface

Default IP Address

Default User Name & Pswd

SIP Protocol

Speech Coding
8 kbps G.729A

Channel Coding
8 kbps Convolutional + CRC

Transmission Data Rate
170.678 kbps

User Data Rate
128 kbps duplex

Time Division Duplex (TDD)

Voice Quality

Number of System IDs

Ring Signal
20-50 Hz, 12-90 Vrms

Auto-Attendant Coding
8 kbps G.729

Flash Time
100-900 ms Programmable

Power Source
120V/7V AC/DC Adapter

Charge Time

Charge Current

Battery Talk & Standby Time

Environmental Specifications

PRO-BU Base Unit

Regulation Compliance
FCC Part 15, Part 68

Operating Temperature
14 – 140°F (-10 – 60°C)

Storage Temperature
14 – 158°F (-10 – 70°C)

20 – 75 %

IP Rating

11.0" x 2.1" x 8.5" (215 x 53 x 280 mm)

Device Weight
2 lbs. (907g)

Product Highlights
The EnGenius DuraFon PRO-BU is the expansion base that enables connection of an additional four (4) lines/ports to an existing DuraFon PRO installation.
  • Multi-Line Functionality
  • Supports up to 90 DuraFon PRO or DuraWalkie Handsets
  • Works Behind any Analog Port (PBX, VoIP, PSTN, FXS or POTS)
  • Expandable for Extended User Capacity

Package Includes

1 - Phone Base unit w/ rubber antenna
1 - Base unit AC adapter

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