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Scenarios where 802.11ax can boost your Wi-Fi network’s performance

Heavy Interference

Wi-Fi everywhere, multiple APs deployed in the same area

Dense Usage

Simultaneously serving lots of service per AP in Crowded Spaces

Multiple Devices

Various devices with traffic ranging from low to high bandwidth intensive

Stable Wireless Access for Enterprise Users

In office environments, 802.11ax’s spatial reuse feature, through BSS coloring, reduces co-channel interference and improves simultaneous transmissions. This cuts through RF congestion in office environments creating higher network efficiency.


Multiple Interfering APs


Office, Enterprise environments

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Unprecedented Capacity in Crowded Areas

802.11ax’s uplink and downlink of MU-MIMO provides greater network efficiency and focuses radio energy on specific users. It tackles the demands of very dense environments, such as airports, gas stations, libraries, and shopping malls, with lots of client devices.


Public area with dense usage


Stations, Libraries, Shopping malls

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Consistent Performance for Connected Home

IoT will increase the number of Wi-Fi devices, such as smart TVs, smart appliances, and smart lighting in a progressively connected world. Features in 802.11ax extend the number of client devices that can be associated with access points in smart homes and offices.


Many devices with diverse needs


Smart home ( IOT )

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EnGenius Dual-band 11ax Series

Indoor Ceiling Mount Access Points