Free Webinar on Long-Range Phones & Accessories: How They Can Help Your Auto Dealership

Car Dealer Phone System Case Study

Auto dealership sales staff turnover is extremely high. In fact, annual turnover for sales staffers is a whopping 67%, according to Automotive News. So, what can auto dealerships do to help retain their staff (and their customers)?

Long-range phones can help auto dealers with this tough challenge. Something as simple as issuing sales staff the right long-range and durable phone can help auto dealerships to:

       • Maintain control of customer calls
       • Retain customers in the event a salesperson moves on
       • Reduce the amount spent on cell service reimbursement
       • Improve customer service and overall efficiency

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

DuraFon phone systems and accessories can help your auto dealership run more smoothly by providing exceptional coverage, call control, and mobility that desk phones and cell phones can’t match. Just consider all the employees, departments, and business areas you need to coordinate to provide the best in customer service:

       • Sales
       • Financing
       • Service
       • Parts & accessories
       • Back lot/storage
       • Management
       • Vehicle management

Want to learn more about how DuraFon and DuraFon accessories can boost your automotive business? Come to our free telephony webinar at EnGenius on July 24: Long-Range Phones in the Auto Industry

Not Just for Auto Dealerships

Though the free webinar focuses on auto dealers and the automotive industry, many of its ideas and principles apply to a wide range of large-scale business environments.

In this case, “large-scale” means any business environment with vast amounts of space that need phone coverage including:

       • Big box stores
       • Nurseries
       • Hospitality
       • Grocery stores

Find out how our DuraFon phone systems and accessories can resolve your struggle to provide adequate communications coverage. They can connect areas of your business property that seemed out of reach with standard telephony equipment.

Get a sneak peek at some of the benefits by reading this case study, which details how a sales manager at Mike Perry Chrysler Jeep Dodge relies on DuraFon as an essential business tool.

Sign up for our July 24 webinar today!

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