Keeping Devices Secure on Your Network

keeping devices secure

You transmit sensitive data over your network — customer data, payment information, and employee records. And your customers and employees trust you to keep their private information safe. Not to mention, the average cost of a data breach to a company is $3.92 million, according to the 2019 Ponemon Cost of a Data Breach Report.

To prevent breaches, you’ve likely taken the recommended precautions: trained employees on password best practices, installed anti-virus software on your network and reminded employees (and continue to do so) not to click on unknown links. However, Cisco found that 31% of organizations have still experienced cyberattacks on operational infrastructure.

In today’s network, switches and access points (AP) are the cornerstone of the network. This means you must specifically protect your APs and switches from attacks.

Here are two keys to keeping your network secure:

Authenticate every device that is connected to your network.
You want to know that every AP and switch on your network is protected and suppose to have access. To increase security, use devices with two-factor authentication, which is when the device requires two different types of proof that the device is permitted on the network. For example, checking the serial number and MAC address verification. This adds an extra level of security and make it harder for unknown devices to connect to your network.

Encrypt data transmissions.
Once devices are connected, it’s important that all data transmitted between devices is protected. By using a cloud-management and device manufacturer that creates a secure tunnel between your devices and the cloud, you increase the odds of your data staying secure. Look for a solution that also creates a unique certificate for each transmission for a higher level of security.

You know security is essential. But your time also matters. When you choose a cloud-management solution that actively protects your infrastructure and data, your administrators spend less time protecting the network — while, at the same time, you’ll see a higher level of security. When you choose EnGenius Cloud for your network, all these security features are automatically used to protect your infrastructure, your devices, and your data.

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