Indoor Access Points

Managed Wall-Plate

Neutron Wall-Plate Access Points are an all-in-one communication “hub” for in-room wired and wireless connectivity that’s flexible and reliable. Deploy in hotel guest rooms, dorms, classrooms, and multi-tenant dwellings; operate alone or centrally manage with no license fees.

  • Easy-to-Deploy, Lowers Install Costs
  • Sleek, Low Profile Design Mounts Onto a Standard J-box
  • Integrated Wireless AP & 4-Port Switch; PoE Support
Model Standards Frequency Max. Data Rates Streams Antennas Ethernet Ports

Dual-Band Wireless Wall Plate AP

802.11n 2.4 & 5 GHz 300 & 300 Mbps 2 x 2:2 2 x 4 dBi (2.4 GHz) Omni
2 x 5 dBi (5 GHz) Omni (Internal)
1 x 10/100 PoE+
3 x 10/100
1 x RJ45 Pass-Through

Single-Band Wireless Wall Plate AP

802.11n 2.4 GHz 300 Mbps 2 x 2:2 2 x 4 dBi (2.4 GHz) Omni (Internal) 1 x 10/100 PoE+
3 x 10/100
1 x RJ45 Pass-Through

Ensure In-Room Connectivity

Traditional APs deployed in hallways of hotels, dorms, and multi-tenant dwellings don’t always provide individual rooms with the level of connectivity demanded by today’s users. Wall-plate APs offer dedicated in-room Wi-Fi and wired device connectivity.

Flexible, Simplified Network Management

Manage a few or 1k+ Neutron Wall-Plate APs as part of a scalable distributed network via an onsite Neutron Switch or centrally with ezMaster™ Software. Configure and monitor an entire network through an at-a-glance dashboard with rich reporting and analytics regardless of location or size from one place.

Quick, Easy Deployment Lowers Wireless Implementation Costs

Wall-plate APs are designed for quick, discrete in-room installation directly onto an existing electrical or data junction box while utilizing existing in-room CAT5/6 wall cabling. They eliminate time-consuming Wi-Fi planning and new wiring while supporting lower implementation costs.

All-In-One Communication ‘Hub” for In-Room Wireless Connectivity

The integrated AP & 4-port switch provides in-room wireless, PoE and wired connectivity in a single device. Connect IPTVs, networked minibars, printers or game consoles via its 10/100 Mbps ports; phone/fax machines via the passive RJ45 port and link/power VoIP phones through its PoE port.

Advanced Encryption & Guest Networks

Advanced security options allow administrators to: assign standards-based security and authentication policies; detect and avoid rogue AP and invasion threats; receive email alerts; prevent guest users from accessing network files or devices; and segment user groups for increased security and bandwidth control.

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