Six Ways Our State-of-the-Art Switch Can Deliver the Strength and Reliability Your Network Needs

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As network administrator, you dream of building a strong, seamless network that can handle a mountain of data smoothly and efficiently while making maintenance and updates a breeze.

One key component in achieving a solid network is a strong, dependable network switch, connecting every device imaginable—workstations, printers, routers, modems, access points, surveillance cameras, and so on—in a harmonious weave of efficiency and cooperation.

As the most trusted leader in wireless tech, EnGenius stands at the forefront of cutting-edge advances in switch technology demonstrated by a superior line of virtual zero-touch control switches.

EnGenius switches are designed with the workplace in mind. Each switch is flexible, seamless, secure, and easy to deploy.

What does EnGenius switch technology enable you to do?

1. Get your network up and running in no time.

EnGenius switches can be deployed in minutes with its simple on-boarding, configuring, and updating process using a license-free cloud management system.

The EnGenius Cloud management app allow you to easily scan and assign switches—first to your organization, then to your network—after which your devices will be automatically registered and configured. Afterwards, you can fine-tune configurations however you like on the switch detail page.

Done and done.

2. Manage and troubleshoot your network from anywhere in the world.

EnGenius’ virtual zero-touch control switches give you access to your network any place, any time. With the EnGenius Cloud platform or mobile app, you can instantly monitor, troubleshoot, and fix any network problems on-site or remotely.

There’s a lot at stake. Experts estimate that businesses lose an astonishing 700+ billion dollars every year because of network failure.

Every second counts.

EnGenius Cloud saves you valuable time by providing an intuitive interface and topology view that allow you to monitor the health of your network and deliver remedies fast.

Let’s take a closer look.

The EnGenius Cloud interface includes a list of your switches with an expanded view option. You can see all network switches on one screen, delivering loads of information on each switch and its relationship to all other switches and devices in the network. For example, you can see how many ports are open, how much of your Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) budget each device is using, and what virtual networks are configured on which switch.

The interface also includes a visually rich topology view, giving you a host of valuable information about the layout of your entire network. Clicking on any portion of the network map allows you to access even more granular information like connection features, port and device location, speed, and PoE budget allocation per device. Clicking on any device takes you straight to that device’s detail page.

You’re a pilot in the cockpit of your own high-speed network.

3. Experience lightning fast data speeds to help you get the job done.

EnGenius switches enhance network speed and performance by carefully controlling the amount of bandwidth speed that devices such as access points need—right at the port itself. By providing just the right amount of speed needed in areas where bandwidth requirements fluctuate (e.g. conference rooms, lobbies), EnGenius switches accelerate overall network performance and efficiency.

EnGenius switches also operate at speeds of 1 Gbps to 2.5 Gbps—more than capable of keeping up with the tough demands of newer and faster devices.

4. Discover switch technology that adapts to your expanding business vision.

If you are dreaming big, you can choose from EnGenius’ suite of 8- to 48-port switches in gigabit or multi-gig configurations depending on your business vision. An unlimited number of switch units can be connected and managed using our EnGenius Cloud platform, providing deep-dive analytics and custom alerts through your smart phone app.

EnGenius switches are designed to expand seamlessly with the growth of your company, provide the network capacity you need, and save you a truckload of money in the process.

5. Avoid the high cost of installing additional power cables and outlets.

EnGenius switches use proven Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology that delivers electrical power (up to 740 watts) through easy-to-connect Ethernet cables instead of standard power lines.

How does this help you?

PoE makes the exorbitant cost of installing additional power cables and outlets unnecessary. Some devices, such as surveillance cameras, are tricky to install since they typically need to be placed in remote areas of a building—often far from standard power sources.

PoE helps you avoid all that.

Furthermore, PoE provides superior, stable connection, and protects against deadly power surges.

6. Secure your business operations and sensitive data with the most advanced security protocols.

Security is crucial in an age when billions of ubiquitous wireless devices on cloud networks are in frequent danger of being compromised.

EnGenius Cloud uses multiple layers of security to keep your network safe—two-factor authentication, non-sequential serial numbers, and MAC address verification that ensures only authorized cloud devices are on your network.

Once devices are authenticated, a secure tunnel is established between the device and the cloud management system with a unique certificate that encrypts transmissions.

That’s about as airtight as you can get.

The Choice is Yours

Now that you know what EnGenius switch technology has to offer, what will you do next?

Remember, we at EnGenius Technologies are committed to helping you build the kind of network that delivers reliable, fast, secure service using world-class switch technology. Check out our suite of virtual zero-touch control switches for more details.

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