The Details, Terms & Conditions

You are here because you have obviously heard of our FREE Access Point offer. That’s a great start!

Also, you must be considering how to improve your business network infrastructure and how to efficiently manage it from wherever you are. What you may not know (yet) is EnGenius offers the simplest cloud platform for Enterprise level applications. You’re about to find out for yourself!

Since we aren’t able to give out a free AP to everyone, please read below to make sure your company is eligible. In order to qualify:

You must have a wireless or wired network project budgeted within the next 12 months for which EnGenius is a viable solution.

You must have a minimum of 25 non-EnGenius wireless APs deployed and in-use on your business network today.

You must not be a current EnGenius customer, partner, or affiliate.

Qualifying products include either the ECW536 (Wi-Fi 7 AP) OR ECW336 (Wi-Fi 6E AP).

The worksite where EnGenius will be deployed must be in the US or Canada only.

You must schedule a follow-up meeting with an EnGenius account manager to discuss EnGenius wireless and/or wired solutions as they may relate to your business.

You must provide your business address for shipment.

For U.S. Government Customers (“Government”) Only: These products or services are being provided without the expectation of payment, and EnGenius waives the right to pursue any future claims against the Government FOR PAYMENT for THE products or voluntary services BEING provided at no cost. PRODUCTS OR SERVICES PROVIDED AT NO COST ARE provided as part of the total bundled solution for the benefit of the AGENCY AND ARE NOT FOR INDIVIDUAL USE. NO-COST PRODUCTS AND SERVICES ARE PROVIDED ON AN OPEN MARKET BASIS AND NOT THROUGH A GSA SCHEDULE CONTRACT. EnGenius MAKES NO REPRESENTATION REGARDING THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN OF THE PRODUCTS/SERVICES PROVIDED.

You cannot be a member of the media (including bloggers and influencers).

You agree not to use free trial device for personal use.

All free trial equipment must be approved by EnGenius. Limit one EnGenius Access Point per company.

If your company qualifies and is approved, your free AP will arrive with a complimentary EnGenius cloud services subscription. Your free gear may be new or refurbished. Products may not be resold or supplied to others.

This promotion is for a limited time, and EnGenius Technologies may modify, suspend, or terminate the promotion at any time.