Tips for Stronger WiFi Signal

stronger wifi

As a small business owner, having a reliable and stronger WiFi signal is essential for keeping your employees connected and productive. Choosing which networking solution is only part of building a strong network, and you will want to get the most out of your networking solution. Several factors can impact the strength of your wireless signal, such as distance, walls, and interference from other devices. This blog will cover tips for strengthening your Wi-Fi signal for your small business.

Location, Location, Location
Placing your router and Access Points (AP) in a central location in your office can help ensure that your wireless signal reaches a wide area of your business. Avoid positioning your router in a corner or near walls, as this can cause signal loss and hurt your Wi-Fi experience.

Reduce Interference
Interference from other electronic devices can also weaken your wireless signal. To reduce interference, keep your devices away from other electronic devices such as microwaves, cordless phones, and Bluetooth speakers.

Update Firmware
Keeping your devices’ firmware up to date can help improve their performance and strengthen your wireless signal. Check the manufacturer’s website for the latest firmware updates and follow the instructions to install them. Ideally, look for devices supported with free and automatic firmware updates, like EnGenius Fit devices.

Change the Channel
Wi-Fi routers typically operate on a set of channels, and some channels may be more crowded than others. Changing the channel can increase the speed and stability of your wireless signal. You can use a Wi-Fi Analyzer app to check which channels are most used and choose a less crowded one. EnGenius Fit offers a simple way to check your network traffic and make adjustments to make the most of your environment.

Add an Access Point
If your wireless signal is weak in some areas of your office, you can add an extra AP to extend the coverage. This can be useful in large or multi-story buildings where the wireless signal may not reach all areas. As previously mentioned, consider the placement of your AP, so you don’t get overlaps or dead zones. You can use our free ezWiFi Planner to see the best arrangement for your APs .

Following these tips can provide you with a stronger WiFi signal and ensure your employees can access a reliable wireless connection in your small business. EnGenius Fit products try to make it as easy as possible for small business owners to set up their Wi-Fi network right out of the box, but we are also here with customer support so you can fully enjoy your Fit products.

What is the EnGenius SMB Networking 101 Series?

The EnGenius SMB Networking 101 Series was thought up to help small business owners navigate the networking hardware and solution landscape and empower them to get the most out of their networking solution. We understand that small businesses are stretched thin with different priorities, and they want to focus on their core business and customers. We believe that networking should be simple, reliable, and flexible so that employees and customers can connect and enjoy their wireless experience.

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