Why Do I Need A Mesh Router?

do I Need a Mesh Router

Unless you’ve lived in a cave over the last few years, you most likely have noticed that that mesh Wi-Fi networking products are slowly but steadily entering the homes of families all across the developed world. With its attractive pricing, mesh networking solutions are becoming more and more accessible to the masses. Even if you are not as familiar to what mesh networks do, you most likely have already been connected to such broadband networks once or twice without even realizing it is a mesh network. Most large-scale facilities that offer Wi-Fi access such as busy airports, exhibition halls, hotels, and hospitals tend to use manageable and more secure guest and staff internet access solutions that are often supported by the mesh technology.

This most likely does not come as a surprise, at the end of the day, those are the places that cannot compromise on providing reliable and high-speed broadband solutions to its staff and customers. The need for such sophisticated technology that can handle a vast amount of simultaneous connections might be a perfect fit for a busy concert hall but why would you need a mesh router at home? We’ve compiled a list of top five reasons why home mesh networks are getting more and more popular.

Meeting high demands

Researchers have been racing each other to confirm that over the next years more connected devices are coming to your home. Currently, US families have an average of nearly ten connected devices per household, and the number is likely to double over the next few years as more and more appealing smart gadgets are appearing on the horizon. In the US alone, people will have approximately 15 connected devices per household over the next few years. Mesh Wi-Fi networks are meant to handle vast amounts of connections to meet the future demands making sure all your connected devices get the bandwidth needed to run smooth.

Network management

One of the most common misconceptions about mesh products is that they are not easy to set up and require special technical skills. With the latest wave of consumer mesh routers appearing on the market, there are some pretty good contenders out there that do not require anything but your smartphone for the setup. Say no to the dead Wi-Fi spots in your house – you no longer need a separate router with a different network to make things work around your home. Mesh networks are easy to manage and expand, as simple plug-and-play products are readily available to make your life easier.

Reliability and speeds

What makes mesh routers particularly useful is their reliability and better speeds when compared to regular Wi-Fi routers. Meshnets in general consist of nodes that connect to each other and cooperate to let you efficiently transfer data between you and your ISP. In the rare occurrence of a node failing, the rest of the mesh system will continue to function without any interruptions. The speeds on mesh networks are also significantly higher when compared to regular routers. If you use a network extender, the communication goes directly to your router and then gets rebroadcasted – this practice increases the latency and significantly decreases the overall data speeds. There are no such issues when you have a Wi-Fi mesh network!


Unlike most regular routers, modern mesh systems update their firmware on their own. You no longer have to frequently check your routers’ web pages and look for the right security updates needed to remain safe. And some families currently have multiple regular routers used to cover blind spots around the house. Do you know what is more difficult than maintaining one network? Taking care of two networks. With mesh systems, all your internet access points are part of one simple network that you can easily navigate from the palm of your hand and the comfort of your sofa by using a smartphone.

Smart features

Mesh Wi-Fi routers are far more superior than regular routers in terms of security, reliability, speeds, and network management. However, what makes mesh networks elevate above the good old routers, is the fact that mesh routers often come with additional smart features. While regular routers are on place to simply provide internet, the mesh routers of 21st century come with a whole lot of additional intelligent features such as an app that allows you to download and organize your files wherever you are. Uploading your vacation images to your home external hard drive while you are still on vacation is no longer a distant dream.

Quality mesh networking devices are the key to powering up your smart home. Taking full advantage of your internet is not possible without a reliable home Wi-Fi network. Running all these smart gadgets on an unstable network could be compared to buying a new Ferrari but refusing to fill up the tank with premium unleaded gasoline. Poor network coverage can render all your expensive smart devices useless and ruin your smart-home experience. Reliable internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity, poor internet can prevent your security cameras from recording an intruder, or from your ability to monitor your little one while in the crib. Luckily, you are in safe hands as there are some quality mesh router solutions out there!

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