EnGenius Names Midwest Internet Solutions First Master of ezMaster 1000 Recipient: This Award is Definitely a Win-Win!

What do you call a company that manages over 1000 EnGenius devices – deployed nationwide – via the ezMaster Network Management Software? Master of ezMaster, of course! We’re pleased to announce that Midwest Internet Solutions (MIS) has earned this distinction.

MIS is a full-service provider of High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) with a focus on hotel chains, and they have deployed over 1000 EnGenius devices thus far. They’re able to monitor and manage all these devices from their central Network Operations Center, 24/7, with our subscription-free ezMaster Network Management Software.

Owner of MIS, Tony Baucom, says of the Master of the ezMaster recognition, “It’s a pleasure to be recognized as a Master of ezMaster. EnGenius products are cost-effective and reliable, and they make it easier to manage and grow my business. MIS is proud to partner with EnGenius!”

Master of ezMaster: Special Customer Recognition

Here at EnGenius we like to acknowledge and celebrate significant milestones reached by our customers; Master of ezMaster certainly applies. And while we’re recognizing MIS for this distinction, we feel very honored as well.

“It’s a major vote of confidence when a company deploys so many of your devices, and trusts you to keep their hotel-based networks up and running in hundreds of locations across the country,” says EnGenius Sales & Marketing General Manager, Andy Chang. “We thank MIS for their business and the customer confidence “award” they continue to bestow upon us.”

ezMaster is a Champ

MIS is a big fan of the ezMaster Network Management Software for many reasons. First, ezMaster helps them keep their pricing competitive by eliminating annual software licensing fees they’d have to pass on to their customers.

They also love how easy it is to update firmware with ezMaster. Victor Jaimes, a Senior Network Administrator at MIS, says, “Completing firmware updates with one click for a thousand APs at a time, if you like – that’s very nice. We used to have to do them individually, which took a lot of time. You can choose which models you want to update.”

Another key benefit the software provides is remote monitoring. They can see when a device is down, and can trouble shoot and reboot via ezMaster. This drastically reduces the need for truck-rolls, which saves both time and money.

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