Why Long-Range Phones Matter to Business & How EnGenius Can Help

Cordless Phone Nursery Case Study

Some 65% of customers prefer to contact a business by phone while only 24% are satisfied with just a web form for product purchases or service subscriptions, according to a study by Invoca.

Despite the dramatic increase in web-based business options, an effective phone system remains one of your most essential business tools. After all, more than half of consumers still rely on phone calls to complete their business transactions. And what about customer support? Customers continue to prefer verbal phone support to other methods, like instant messaging.

Some businesses struggle, however, to find a long-range cordless phone system that will support their challenging operating environments. Common issues include:

       • Multi-storied buildings (e.g., hotels & assisted living)
       • Dirty, damp, & dusty environments (e.g., nurseries & manufacturers)
       • Business interiors with a large square footage (e.g., warehouses, big box stores & dealerships)
       • Wide-ranging temperatures (e.g., grocery store refrigeration & freezers)

Rugged, Extreme Range: DuraFon to the Rescue

DuraFon long-range phone systems deliver extreme coverage, ruggedized and durable handsets, and mobility essential to running a successful business. The handsets also function as two-way radios in intercom and broadcast mode, ensuring your team can communicate with each other – perhaps the most essential type of business communication.

Q & A Webinar: You Asked About Long-Range Phone Solutions & We Answered!

At our most recent telecom webinar, moderators Doug and Dan answered more than 20 questions about EnGenius phone systems.

Top 5 Customer Questions

1. Q: Why choose an EnGenius cordless phone system?

A: The main reason people purchase EnGenius phones is for extreme range. DuraFon handsets are also strong and durable.

2. Q: Which types of environments are these systems suited for?

A: These systems are designed for large environments where staff members need communication devices paired with mobility to perform their duties. Examples include retail stores, warehouses, equipment yards, farms, ranches, and hotels.

3. Q: How do I select the right model for our use?

A: We offer many different models to meet user demands, so you’ll need to determine the following:

       • How many users you have

       • How many wireless extensions you need

       • Whether you want to use third-party two-way radios in conjunction with the long-range phone system

(which is possible with the DuraFon UHF)

You’ll then be able to determine which model is right for you.

4. Q: Can the handsets be repaired even if they’re outside the 1-year warranty period?

A: Yes, they can be repaired for up to five years. We refurbish them, so they look like new when they’re returned. They get new front and back covers, new keypads, and a new front lens.

5. Q: How do I test for coverage in our facility?

A: The best method for testing coverage is to use the RSSI tool which is built into each of our handsets. All you need to do is register the handset to the base.

RSSI tool will give you a numeric measurement of the signal. This number allows you to move around the facility and test the handset signal strength to the base. If you’re getting a consistently strong measurement, you’re good to go. (If you find an area that has a weak signal, go back and move the base to an area that provides better overall coverage.)

The RSSI document describes how to use the RSSI tool, what good measurements are, and how to make adjustments to maximize signal and coverage. The RSSI document can be found on the respective product pages.

More Q & A is Headed Your Way

The first Q & A webinar was very well received. We’ll be hosting another session with a new batch of questions soon!

Your company’s success will always hinge on effective communication. You can rely on EnGenius to help provide the communications information, the products, and the support you need.

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